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A certified Music Practitioner brings pleasant and appropriate live music to the bedside of the ill and dying.  Each Music Practitioner is a graduate of the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), a course of study which includes medical and musical classes provided by qualified instructors, and adhere to the same vision statement:


Esther Lee, CMP

Certified Music Practitioner

Bringing Healing Music

to the Bedside

Since ancient times, the harp has possessed unique acoustic qualities, which provide a soothing atmosphere and can facilitate in healing and transition

What is a Certified Music Practitioner?


A course of study which, in recognition of music as a therapeutic enhancement to the healing process and the life/death transition, prepares musicians to serve the ill and/or dying and all those who may benefit by providing live music as a service to create a healing environment.

What is expected of the Patient?


Benefits of Live, acoustical music at the bedside

  1. Bullet    Slows and calms heartbeat

  2. Bullet    Moderates stress-related hormones

  3. Bullet    Increases endorphins for pain control

  4. Bullet    Reduces muscle tension

  5. Bullet    Improves body motion

  6. Bullet    Normalizes body temperature

  7. Bullet    Stimulates the immune system

  8. Bullet    Promotes a feeling of well-being/peace

  9. Bullet    Helps in transition

Nothing is required of the patient except their physical presence and their permission (or that of a loved one) for Esther to play the harp.

It is not necessary for the patient to interact physically or even verbally with the Music Practitioner.  Music Practitioners can even play during surgery, to patients who are under anesthesia.  Research has shown that even unconscious and comatose patients can benefit from live therapeutic music.